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    You may think that you can not afford to use managed services because it is too costly for your businesses. We have made it easy to accommodate the needs of your business regardless of size without being costly, and you only need to subscribe very affordable flat monthly fee . In fact, most our clients experience significant cost savings benefit by using our managed services.

    As business owner or manager, your pride yourselves at being experts in your profession. You call your plumber because he is great at fixing leaks, but you probably wouldn’t call him to back up your computer or process your payroll. By utilizing managed services, you are able to focus your attention on what is most important to you.

    When something goes wrong in your IT infrastructure and services, it is no longer your problem. Not only that, but you have a highly trained professional taking care of the issues. As your managed service provider, American Management Technologies (AMT) and its technical partners assume all of the risk. When you hire us as your MSP to do a job and something doesn’t go right, it’s not on your dime. Therefore, it’s likely that you have worked hard to perfect their process.

    The systems that were previously maintained in house are now being purchased, updated and maintained by AMT and its tech partners. It frees up time for you and other employees to focus on being productive. You and other staff in your company are able to be consistent without being sidetracked and derailed.

    AMT will identify your individual and unique needs. We align our services with your goals to help you expand and grow your business. When you hire AMT as your MSP, you integrate highly trained professionals into your business, bringing peace of mind and confidence.

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