Healthcare Knowledge Assistant

HealthKA is e-Assistant for healthcare professionals, including physicians, HHS officers, and researchers. HealthKA helps streamline the core business processes, improves the quality and productivity of the professional services.
HealthKA works as a special professional assistant with portable workspace, in which core business data and documents are collected and processed intelligently. HealthKA helps connect with business partners, customers, and co-workers.
By using the HealthKA, healthcare professional would be able to focus more on the core business with momentum and efficiency.
Products include six modules:

  • HealthKA Case Management
  • HeakthKA Clinical Trials
  • HealthKA IP and Innovation
  • HealthKA Technology Transferring
  • HealthKA Research and Grant Management
  • HealthKA Telemedicine

HealthKA has cloud-based and on premise versions, and works on iPhone and Android platforms mobile devices.

Software for Retailers

From boutiques to grocery markets, our software designed for retailers specifically focuses on making inventory control in the store and inventory with vendors run accurately and efficiently. This same software can be integrated with customer databases and invoice generating programs, helping to spend less time on paperwork and more time to be able to focus on customer service. Payroll services, accounting, and sales reports are just a few more of the options offered to help any size retailer operate in a successful environment.

Construction Software for Contractors

See your customer's information on our software specifically designed for contractors, whether it's a big project or small, you want to see a job cost or project data, our construction software provides quick access to the information that’s necessary for you to succeed. From accounting to project management, all of your data is obtainable through our construction software so you have complete access to your customer's database whether you're in the office or in the field. All work orders, invoices, and more can be generated and stored through this same software, making it simple to email paperwork out in a timely manner and keep your business running effectively.

Legal Software

Having remote access was a main focus when creating our legal software, making it easier to manage cases, create contracts, write notes, track dockets, and schedule calendars from anywhere and not just in the office. You can also create, store, retrieve, access and transmit documents, scans and images in a timely manner when they need to be produced. Our software will manage client relationships by time tracking and electronic billing as well as generating cost and expense reports, making it easy to keep up with task loads and client statuses.

Other Professional Software Available:

  • Architectural Design
  • Data Management
  • Sales Backup
  • Accounting Assistance
  • Financial Services
  • Document Creating
  • Budget Tracking
  • Report Planning

Please contact us for specific or custom software design!

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