AMT provides solutions to help clients to improve quality of services, reduce operational cost and risk, and strengthen financial performance.

Business Process Management (BPM)

AMT provides management consulting and technical implementation of business process management. We help clients to transform core business processes to be more efficient, transparency and scalable.

We provide the following services,
• BPM Modeling
• BPM Repository Design
• BPM Governance
• BPM Maturity Assessment
• BPM SOA integration
• BPM Monitoring
• Processes Simulation
• BPM Tools Implementation

Cloud Computing Solution

AMT Cloud Computing solution help business reduce the total cost of ownership for their IT infrastructure and services, increase technological capacity of business processes, minimize the risk of loss data and downtime.. Our service professional will help customers plan, design, and implement next generation of cloud computing infrastructure, migrate data and application to the cloud.

• Private cloud plan, design, and implementation
• Big Data cloud implementation
• SharePoint cloud solution
• Exchange cloud solution
• Oracle data and applications migration

Managed Services

AMT Managed Services provide clients with unified management of the entire IT infrastructure including all devices, applications, networks and cloud while reduce up to 80% of the IT expenses on staffing and equipment for clients. Our advanced managed services infrastructure offers clients the following services,

• Proactive Monitoring & Alerting
• Patch Management
• Managed Anti Virus end point
• Virus and spam removal
• Disaster Recovery in the Cloud
• Asset and Inventory management
• Network readiness assessment
• Service desk

Managed Hosting

AMT has teamed with INetU to provide managed hosting for healthcare, insurance, financing, banking, legal, transportation, and construction industries.

Our managed hosting includes business planning, technical support, security services, and compliance

Business Planning

• Enterprise Resources Planning
• Evaluation of information infrastructure
• Capacity and performance management
• Disaster Recovery planning
• Business growth strategy review
• Adaptive architecture collaboration

Technical support

• Live support offered 24x7x365 and guaranteed response by Certified Systems Administrators and Engineers
• Proactive monitoring and response
• Troubleshooting, tuning, and optimization for optimal performance and availability
• Management of backups and restoration

Security Services

• Intrusion Detection
• External Vulnerability Scanning
• Internal Vulnerability Scanning
• Web Application Firewall Protection
• File Integrity Monitoring
• Security Incident Event Monitoring
• Dual Factor Authentication
• Virus Scanning
• Security Hardening


• SSAE-16 Type II
• SOC 2/SOC 3
• PCI DSS Level 1
• Safe Harbor

SharePoint Solutions

AMT has helped clients build variety of enterprise solutions by leveraging the enterprise computing power of Microsoft SharePoint technologies, which help streamline operational flows, and unify business applications services.

• Our SharePoint solutions include,
• Knowledge Management
• Project Management
• Proposal Process Management
• Quality Management
• Invoices Management
• Contract Management
• Hiring Process Management
• Enterprise Search Optimization
• Document Management
• Business Intelligence
• Sales Performance
• Corporate Social Networking
• Workflows and Processes Management

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